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Love Yo Fam: Thanksgiving, Family Stories, and Everyday Legacies

Oh, the good old magnet letters on the fridge – where childhood creativity meets random revelations. Picture this:

I'm just walking around the house, doing my usual thing, and bam! There's the fridge, showing off my kids' latest doing.

Get ready for the genius: "Werk Smart, Shine, Love Yo Fam." As I soaked in what they had done, a mix of feelings hit me.

First up, the sentimental wave. The sheer profoundness of their message feels like they cracked the code of my mind and decided to spell it out using alphabet magnets. Then it hits me – they've been tuning in to my daily doses of wisdom or what they might call daily rants. Who would've thought my bits of advice and pep talks were actually sinking in? Definitely not me. I'm just out here cruising through life, thinking I'm a side character in their little world.

Turns out, they're absorbing it all. It's like I'm unintentionally building a legacy right here at home. The realization hits – my motivational legacy isn't this epic tale for the history books. It's a messy fridge with magnets all over, blurting out positive and inspirational messages. And honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thanksgiving and Family Legacy

Embracing the theme of legacy, this past Thanksgiving provided me with a cherished opportunity to connect with relatives on my mom's side, unveiling a wealth of information about our history and lineage. Reuniting with family members I hadn't seen in years and meeting new relatives added a layer of joy and gratitude to the occasion. A particularly special moment of visiting with everyone was the privilege of chatting with my great aunts, aged 90 and 93, whose stories and wisdom were both inspiring and deeply moving.

Robbins Family Thanksgiving
Robbins United

The significance of this experience was heightened by the message my kids had placed on the fridge: "Love Yo Fam." Suddenly, this seemingly simple phrase took on a profound meaning for me, transcending its initial simplicity.

Reflection and Appreciation

It's quite easy to become immersed in our individual lives, occasionally losing sight of the interconnectedness that family provides. This Thanksgiving served as a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining and cherishing these connections.

As I reflect on this invaluable experience, I am filled with a renewed appreciation for the tapestry of my family's story. The threads of love, resilience, and shared memories weave a narrative that extends beyond generations. Looking forward, I am inspired to continue nurturing these connections.

This Thanksgiving turned out to be awesome! I had a good time with the family and heard some incredible stories that contributed to who I am today. As I head into another year, I'm taking with me the love and lessons shared with me.

Recognizing the diversity in family structures, it's important to acknowledge the unique dynamics. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to family life, here are three key considerations to reflect on:

1️⃣ Your Everyday Moments Shape Your Legacy

Embrace the beauty in the simplicity of your daily life. Recognize that your words and your gestures are weaving a legacy that's uniquely yours. In those seemingly ordinary moments, you're crafting something extraordinary, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of those lucky enough to share this journey with you.

2️⃣ Embrace Family

Life gets busy, and we all have moments when spending time with family might not be at the top of our to-do list. But let me share a little secret – those moments, even the ones you think you don't have time for, are a gateway to the most beautiful experiences, so seize the opportunity to create timeless memories, to hear the stories that shaped your family, and to build connections that will outlast the passing of time.

3️⃣ Cherish Relationships Beyond Blood

While family is undoubtedly important, it's important to acknowledge the profound impact that your connections with friends, mentors, and kindred spirits can have on your legacy. Meaningful relationships extend beyond blood ties, creating shared laughter and mutual support. Embrace the beauty of forging connections that transcend genetic bonds, recognizing that the tapestry of your legacy is woven not only with familial threads but also with the wonderful bonds of all the relationships you've nurtured throughout your life.



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