Mr. Real Talk

Beyond all of his hard work and successes, Darryl is most proud of his family. He and his wife April, live happily in Tallahassee, Florida with their daughter Adriana and son Davon.


He is a speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, higher education administrator, and an all-around stand-up guy working to impact the world through inspiring everyone to walk in their purpose.

His powerful and compelling story will challenge you to take action in your own life. Success comes with taking full responsibility of your emotions, facing adversity head-on, shifting your mindset, and changing your behaviors and actions in order to make a difference and leave the legacy you were born to leave on the world.


Darryl grew up with five vociferous sisters, his mom, and pops. There was a 3:1 ratio of females to males in the household, and if there is one thing he learned from that; well, it’s that you’re lucky to get a word in edgewise.  


On top of that, his dad was a pastor, and life for pastor’s kids usually meant that you only speak when it was appropriate to do so.  


So, for the most part, he was typically a tight-lipped, thoughtful, and politically correct-speaking child.

And then, life happened

If you fast-forward his life through: experiencing racism and hate, dashed hopes of playing in the NFL, surviving a tenuous relationship, climbing the professional ladder, being the only black individual in too many spaces to count, and starting and failing many businesses; you get to the real Darryl, the one that speaks what needs to be spoken.  The “Real Talk” fueled by life experiences and lessons learned is just that- real, truthful, and unabashed. 

His life journey has come with both victories and defeats.  It has led him to his ultimate calling; inspiring, motivating and encouraging others by providing them with practical principles and strategies for maximizing their opportunities in life and walking in their purpose.

Darryl is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to walk in their purpose as he introduces new people every day to story and key principals for success. 


Darryl speaking on his why

Join Darryl for a 3 minute sit down as he discuss his why, calling, purpose and passion with his lovely wife