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Embracing the Beauty of Life's Small Moments and Everyday Treasures

Embracing the Small Things: Finding Joy Beyond Grand Adventures

In a world where we're constantly drawn to the biggest and flashiest things, it's easy to miss out on the simple, everyday moments that hold real meaning. We often find ourselves captivated by grandeur, but there's a whole world of beauty in the small, unnoticed things that deserve our attention too.

Don't get caught up in the allure of big experiences and overlook the beauty of the small and meaningful moments that life offers.

I recently found myself reflecting on this realization after our whirlwind Disney adventure that left me pondering the significance of embracing the small things in all aspects of life – from family trips to professional endeavors.

Rethinking Grand Events

The aftermath of our Disney escapade was a mixture of exhaustion and exhilaration. As I sat down with my partner, April, to discuss our upcoming travel plans, it struck me how we had inadvertently fallen into the 'Go Big or Go Home' mentality. Our conversations revolved around grand plans and extensive preparations, leaving us wondering if we had unconsciously developed a case of being "bad and bougie" – a term I've come to embrace without shame, given our hard work and dedication.

However, a moment of clarity emerged.

As I continually watched my children animatedly recount their Disney experiences, it became evident that they were reliving those cherished memories. But it also prompted a question: How many simple yet meaningful moments had I dismissed in pursuit of crafting unique, large-scale experiences?

Minnie Mouse with the kids
The kids at Disney with Minnie Mouse

The Revelation: Embracing the Small Things

In the midst of contemplation, I realized how my fixation on wanting more, bigger, and better might be causing me to discount the beauty of the present moment and smaller things. While Disney would undoubtedly remain etched in our family's memory, I wondered about the smaller, everyday experiences that were slipping through my fingers. This realization led me to a personal challenge: to appreciate the value of the small things and make them an integral part of our family adventures.

One such moment unfolded during a visit to a vineyard, where we indulged in muscadine grape-picking as a family. Armed with newfound awareness, I watched my children darting between grapevines, laughter echoing through the air as they made a game out of collecting the ripest grapes. Their definition of "good grapes" might have been questionable, yet the joy they derived from the activity was undeniable. What I had once considered a minor outing had transformed into a treasure trove of shared happiness.

Family picking muscadine grapes at a vineyard
Picking Muscadine Grapes

The Ripple Effect in My Professional Life

The impact of this revelation reached beyond just family outings, stretching into my professional realm. Over time, as a leader, I had gradually settled into a comfortable place of routine, often seeking refuge in the grand occasions. However, this realization prompted me to pause, reflect, and reconnect with my genuine appreciation for the potency of small gestures within the workplace. The genuine smile of acknowledgment, the few minutes spent listening to a colleague's ideas, or the thoughtful note of appreciation – these seemingly small actions held the potential to shape a positive and productive work environment.

Just like in our family adventures, it's not always about the grand, show-stopping gestures. The accumulation of these seemingly insignificant moments contributes to a thriving workplace culture, fostering camaraderie, a sense of belonging and community, and boosting morale.

I have implemented two successful strategies that effectively showcase small gestures:

1. Facilitating Employee Accomplishment Sharing: I devised a process that enables staff to share and highlight their proudest achievements easily. This approach stands in contrast to the common practice where administrators assess accomplishments using their own metrics, often leading to discord with staff who feel their experiences are undervalued.

2. Personalized Recognition through Cards: While sending congratulatory emails is a positive gesture, I took it a step further by acknowledging staff accomplishments with personalized cards. This additional touch adds a sense of personal connection and offers an edge in fostering positive relationships and showing appreciation.

"People appreciate notes and cards and we’ve heard stories of people saving such mementos for decades" (Zenger, 2022)

By adopting these strategies and others that are comparable, I've been able to enhance staff morale and create an atmosphere of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Photo from Harvard business review article

Conclusion: Collecting Moments, Not Things

It's easy to lose sight of the little things that truly matter in a world that advocates for constant progress and endless accumulation. As I navigate this new perspective, I'm learning to cherish each experience – whether big or small – for the unique joy it brings. I've come to understand that the impact of an experience isn't solely determined by its scale; it's the emotions, connections, and memories that linger long after the event concludes.

So, the next time I plan a family outing or step into my professional realm, I'll be armed with the knowledge that even the smallest moments can leave the most significant imprint. It's about embracing the now, finding joy in the simple, and collecting memories like precious gems.

Family at Dunkin Donuts
Family Outing for Donuts

After all, life isn't just about going big or going home; it's about appreciating the journey, no matter the size of the steps we take.


Zenger, J. (2022). Do You Tell Your Employees You Appreciate Them? In Harvard Business Review Digital Articles (pp. 1–5). Harvard Business School Publication Corp.


Danny Snow
Danny Snow
Aug 29, 2023

Another great article, Darryl! I used to work at a hotel near Disney and as families were checking out I would ask the kids what was their favorite part of the Disney vacation and more often than not, the response was the pool at the hotel. We always think that we need to go big or go home as well but there are a million little things along the way that stand out to those kids that don't usually involve spending the big bucks.

Here is an article you might enjoy for the workplace,

Darryl Lovett
Darryl Lovett
Aug 30, 2023
Replying to

I completely agree with your sentiment that life is full of these hidden treasures that don't necessarily require a hefty price tag. It's a great reminder that in both our personal and professional lives, recognizing and appreciating the small details can have a significant impact on creating positive memories and fostering a sense of gratitude.

Also, thank you for sharing the article on workplace recognition. It's a topic that resonates deeply, as acknowledging and showing gratitude for the efforts of our colleagues can truly uplift the overall work environment. I'll definitely give the article a read!


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