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Almost Arrested at Epcot: A Disney Experience Gone Wrong

Listen up because I've got a wild tale from our recent family trip to Disney World. You know, the happiest place on Earth? Well, it almost became the most embarrassing place on Earth for me. Here’s the scoop on how I almost got arrested at Epcot.

The Magical Beginning

So, picture this: My family and I decided to celebrate my kids' birthdays with a trip to Disney World. We kicked off our adventure with a day at Epcot. We were up bright and early, beaming with excitement and ready to hit all the rides we missed last time. Everything was perfect. We had a blast, rode some rides, and did all the things.

After a busy morning and afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to let the kids rest. We showered, got dressed, and returned to Epcot for dinner and the extended evening hours. Little did I know, the real adventure was just beginning.

The Security Checkpoint Drama

Fast forward to the evening. My wife and daughter went ahead while my son and I took our time. When we got to the security checkpoint, my son walked through with no issues. I, on the other hand, had a stroller and a backpack. The security guard waved me through, saying I was good to go.

We strolled from the international gateway entrance all the way to Mexico (the Epcot version, not the country) where our restaurant was. We met up with the family, and just as we were about to be seated, things took a dramatic turn.

Epcot map

The Incident

Three security guards showed up and surrounded me, and I was escorted out of the restaurant. My family and I were clueless about what was happening. My wife’s face said it all—pure panic. Outside, they informed me that I had triggered the security system. Somehow, I had made it from the entrance of Epcot to Mexico without being stopped.

There I was, in the middle of a bustling Epcot, being detained and searched. People walked by, cameras clicked, and I felt like a spectacle. They went through everything—my backpack, my shoulder bag, the stroller. I was embarrassed, angry, and felt utterly vulnerable.

The Aftermath

Once the search was over, I put everything back in its place, ensuring nothing was out of order, and then made my way back into the restaurant. The manager, seeing my distress, apologized and offered free appetizers. He encouraged me to talk to Guest Relations because he agreed it wasn’t handled properly.

Despite my inner turmoil, I tried to enjoy dinner and the fireworks. Our server, who witnessed the scene, also suggested I speak to Guest Relations. So, while my family enjoyed the last ride of the night, I headed to Guest Relations.

Speaking Up

I explained the whole ordeal to Guest Relations, expressing how violated and upset I felt. They listened, empathized, and did their best to make it right, offering Lightning Lane passes for the next two days. They assured me they’d pass on my complaint to the appropriate people.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the whole ordeal, I couldn’t help but think of Dennis Snow and Danny Snow from Snow & Associates, Inc., and their teachings on the Disney way. I felt like Disney’s security team could use a refresher course on customer service.

In the end, while the experience was far from magical, it reminded me of the importance of staying calm and listening. I could have rightfully let my emotions get the best of me, but instead, I stood firm and complied. This wasn’t something I could just let go, so I made sure to speak up for myself. Although Disney attempted to make amends with the Lightning Lane passes, the most important takeaway is that I hope they learned something from this situation.

 So, friends, remember to keep your cool next time you’re in a sticky situation, even if things go a little haywire.

Have you ever had a crazy experience at a theme park? Share your stories in the comments!



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