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Amplify your voice by starting your very own podcast in



Grow Your Platform Like Never Before

Speak to your audience to share your powerful message in your own way that is not  rushed or changed beyond recognition like on other platforms. 

Podcasting Is A Perfect Thriving Market That’s Got Everything Set Up To:​

  • ​Build a Truly Engaged Audience

  • Remain Authentic 

  • ​Boost Your Credibility

  • ​Expand Your Reach

  • Drive Brand and Exposure

Have Your Very Own Podcast Launched Within Just 30 Days

Everything You Need To Successfully Launch

Here is the Scoop... Real Talk

If you have imagined or wanted to started a podcast ever before and you just don't know how - you’re in the right place! 


I’m the Co-Founder of the podcast, Success In Black and White, which I’ve successfully managed for several years now.


On top of that, I’ve also coached numerous other people on how to start their own podcast.

In the first session of my coaching series “30 Days to Podcast Launch”, you will:

Determine your content and message topic(s) in order to leverage your business, your brand, and help you spread your message throughout the U.S. and the world;


Learn about the various equipment and tools needed to record, edit, produce, and launch your podcast;


Determine your target audience and your initial branding and marketing strategies;


And more!




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